By Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS For many years, I’ve been deeply entrenched in studying success. I’m engrossed by it. I want to know what the best of the best in any field does to be at the top of their game. Athletes, doctors, lawyers, teachers, entrepreneurs, fitness professionals. You name it. One of the common […]

Kicking Lower Back Pain’s BUTT

Kicking Lower Back Pain’s BUTT By: Dr. John Rusin, PT, DPT, CSCS Water and Sports Physical Therapy, Inc. Is your lower back pain and stiffness limiting your gains in the gym? One of the most common and debilitating injuries to athletes and weekend warriors alike is lower back pain. In 2011, nearly one hundred million […]

I Would Like You to Meet AGNES

I would like you to meet AGNES – Part 1 of a 3 Part Series on the Pillars of Wellness as We Age By Janet Bertrand ACE Every day we are faced with choices. We make those choices and build our lives based on a pattern of decisions, one after the next. Those choices dictate […]

The IMPACT Question Corner

I recently asked my followers on Facebook & Twitter for their most pressing questions as it relates to health & fitness. I received some great questions and going to answer a few of them now. Q: As a trainer, is it important to makes sure your clients wear a heart rate monitor? A: I highly […]

Was it Really an Accident?

Was It Really An Accident? By Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS It’s funny how life works. Sometimes people appear just when they’re supposed to. Just when you need them. Sometimes things happen that you don’t understand as they occur, but later make a lot of sense. Sometimes the bleakest news leads to a transformation that sets […]

Six Things I’ve Learned in Six Years of Practice

Six Things I’ve Learned in Six Years of Practice By Dr. Jennifer Reiner, DC, CSCS, ART If there is one thing I have come to accept in six years of practice, it’s the more I learn the less (I feel) I know.  I believe this is what drives so many of us in the fitness […]

Who’s on your Team?

Athletes whether they are professional football players or collegiate volleyball players are surrounded by a team of medical providers, team coaches, and strength and conditioning staff all focused on providing a comprehensive program to achieve optimal health and performance.  Outside these settings, however, a coordinated effort between one’s medical doctor, personal trainer, chiropractor, or physical therapist is more […]

The Dangers of Running

Many people enjoy running as a great form of exercise.  Some people have been running for years and yearn for the next “runner’s high,” while others are simply just trying to get in shape.  Seeing as how we live in America’s Finest City, we are given the opportunity to enjoy going out for a jog […]

Our “A.C.L.” Problem in Women’s Sports

Our “A.C.L.” Problem in Women’s Sports Brett Klika C.S.C.S. If you’re involved in female athletics, I’m sure you’ve heard of the alarming rate at which women are getting injured. Of particular concern are disproportionate knee injuries in women vs. men. Current statistics indicate that women tear their Anterior Cruciate Ligament 8 times more often than men do. This […]

No Pain, No Gain?

By: Dr. Daniel J. Lee, D.P.T It wakes hard work to be the best you can be, but it also requires that you listen to your body in order to avoid injury along the way. In this article, I discuss some of the most common ailments that effect exercising individuals and how to protect yourself […]