2010 Speed & Strength for Scripps Ranch High School Field Hockey

Fitness Quest 10 will be offering a sports-specific speed, strength, and conditioning camps specifically for Scripps Ranch Field Hockey team. This is separate from the other  Fitness Quest 10 programs offered for summer. Athletes can attend up to four two hour sessions each week. At least two sessions per week are recommended. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iuvlz-7zr7c] ALL Scripps […]

Youth Physical Fitness Creates Better Leaders of Tomorrow! By: Jeff King

Exercise is an activity that should be a part of everyone’s life no matter what age.  The potential benefits of being fit and working out are numerous and far outweigh any potential negatives an individual may occur when working out.  Many people just think of exercise benefiting them just from a physical standpoint.  However, physical […]

“Choosing Your Team” by Brett Klika

Finding the Right Health Care Professional for Youth Injury Care and Prevention It is a near certainty that at some point in a young athletes’ career, they are going to need to seek the services of a health care professional. This can be due to a variety of factors, but usually, it is for the […]