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I’m Looking for REDEMPTION

When I was a junior in high school, I once cost my football team a win in a very important game against a big rival of ours. And that loss ultimately kept us out of the playoffs at the end of the year.

Despite driving the team (Brick, NJ) the length of the field and throwing a TD with just seconds on the clock, I missed the extra point to tie up the game.

Yes. I was the quarterback and the kicker. And my extra point sailed left.

It crushed me. I remember being so down in the dumps how I went from hero to goat in a matter of seconds. And that stuck with me for a long time.

For one full year, I trained like a madman for one reason. REDEMPTION.

I wanted to redeem myself. And I wanted to redeem our team. And I wanted our team to make the playoffs.

So my motivating factor in every single workout for one entire year was that feeling. That feeling of how much ‘pain’ I felt after that loss.
And that feeling of REDEMPTION that I wanted to feel after the next year’s game.


REDEMPTION. A powerful word. And one that can surely add fuel to the fire.

Fast forward to today.

For the past 18 weeks, I have been training an MMA fighter named Michael Chandler. He came to me after he lost his Bellator Lightweight Championship fight against a man named Will Shields this past Spring.

Michael was down. He was hurt. And he wanted REDEMPTION. And he wanted his Lightweight Championship belt back.

So that’s what we’ve been working on for the past 4+ months. Giving him a plan to physically & mentally be prepared to be his BEST and regain his title this upcoming weekend.

TD & Michael Chandler after a recent training session

Our focus has been on doing every single thing possible to train at the highest level.
Training. Nutrition. Visualization. Recovery. You name it, we’re doing it.

And Michael has been extremely diligent and focused about doing all these little things necessary to win this fight.

And one of those things is his desire & want for REDEMPTION.

He didn’t feel like he was maximally prepared for his last title defense.
He was battling an injury.
He wasn’t mentally as confident as he needed to be because of the injury.

And that has all changed. He is now tuned up & ready to go.

And there is one word this week: REDEMPTION.

On Saturday night, Nov 15th, in front of a nationally-televised SPIKE TV audience, Michael is going to have a chance to do his thing and regain the title.

He is prepared. On ALL levels.

He is ready to go. On ALL levels.

He is peaking for his time in the spotlight. REDEMPTION.

Click here to see an interview I just did with Michael after a recent training session.
He shares his training regiment, nutrition, mindset, his keys to his success…and what he fears MOST!


REDEMPTION is a powerful word.

It can motivate you to get in great workouts and focused sessions.
It can drive you to be your BEST.
It can help you get back on the winning side of your game.

Have you ever had to REDEEM yourself in life?
Have you ever had to fight back from a devastating setback in business, sport, or life?

Is there something in your life NOW that you need to get right so you can battle back and get back on top?
What do you need to REDEEM in your life? Or in your sport? Or in your game? Or in your business?

Maybe you need to recover from a recent tough setback.
Maybe you need to overcome a recent blow or bad news?
Heck, maybe you need to get up from recently getting knocked down or even knocked out!

Think about it. What is “it” that you need to fight?


And then go out and DO IT.

This week’s WOW (Word of the Week) is REDEMPTION. 

I’ll be ringside for the fight Saturday night rooting Michael on. I know the blood, sweat, tears (literally on all three) that he has put in for this rematch. And it’s going to be a battle.

Part of me hopes it goes the distance just to see him go all 5 rounds. Because I know he CAN.
And part of me hopes he TKO’s or submits his opponent early. Because I know the work he has put in.

Either way, I can promise you one thing. REDEMPTION will be a driving force in Michael’s quest to regain the belt this Saturday night.

And maybe this week is a great week for you to tune up for your big battle also and work towards REDEMPTION. #IWILL

Much love… and much REDEMPTION.


P.S. And for those of you still wondering about what happened in that football game my senior year against the team I needed REDEMPTION against… we thumped them 28-8 and eventually went on to the NJ State Football Championship Title game. And it was all because the thought of REDEMPTION for one year fueled the spirit, focus, drive, work ethic and passion it took to get back on top.

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