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Episode 331

12 Hacks To Win The Holidays – Ep. 331

It’s December and the holiday season is officially on. It’s time to win this month, finish the year strong, and get ready for what will be iconic 2024. On today’s IMPACT SHOW, we have my following “Hacks”:

  • 3-great ways to win your morning routine this month.
  • 4-ways to “invest in you” so that you can perform at your best this month.
  • 2-recovery hacks “and then some” to restore your energy and focus.
  • 3-extrardinary ways to get your SOUL SINGING this month. 
  • An exciting “Gratitude challenge” coming up to challenge your body, mind, and soul.
  • Why I’m so excited for you to get your God-Sized Dreams Planner 2024 and start to do your work on the Annual Strategic Plan in the next couple weeks.
  • Todd challenges you to SHARE which of the 12-hacks you like the best and which one(s) you are going to apply this month!


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