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360. My Calling & Crusade Have Deepened (IMPACT-X Performance ANNOUNCEMENT Part 2) | Ep. 360

WOW. The energy, buzz, and chatter about the BIG NEWS with the launch of the IMPACT-X Performance fitness & coaching franchise last week has been nothing short of astounding. Thank you for all your comments, encouragement, and excitement. I’m more pumped than ever for all that is manifesting and the LIGHT that is beginning to radiate globally.


Today, I want to go a bit deeper on several things in regards to the ANNOUNCEMENT made last week, as it relates to the IMPACT-X Performance franchise. Here is some of what I discuss: 

  • The Calling and the Crusade and why they fire me up.
  • Why I love to teach & mentor and 5 opportunities that exist today.
  • 5 Ways IMPACT-X Performance (IXP) can serve and benefit you.
  • Why someone might want to potentially own an IXP franchise.
  • 4 reasons why an existing gym or training facility might want to consider rebranding their facility to IXP. 
  • How there are already 6 facilities already and how they are rebranding (Sayre, PA; Horseheads, NY; Corning, NY; Ithaca, NY; Londonderry, NH; Columbia City, IN)
  • The 4 pillars of IXP and what I’m most excited for (Faith, Fitness, Recovery, and Life-Coaching).
  • My Next Steps and 5-things I’m focusing on right now.
  • 10 Must-Answer questions that will help you “Live a Life Worth Telling a Story About.”
  • It’s TIME for the LIGHT to shine. #BeTheLight


I hope you enjoy today’s episode. So many exciting things happening and I love the energy, momentum, and hubbub being created. If you could please do me a favor and go over to itunes and give the Todd Durkin IMPACT SHOW podcast a 5-star rating and write an inspirational review. It really helps us climb up the podcast charts. Also, please share a story or two on your IG and tag me at…

IG: @ToddDurkin @impactXperformance



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