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Episode 349

5 Strategies To Help You Get to the Next Level | Ep. 349

There is one thing in common amongst all IMPACT SHOW podcast listeners… we are all on a quest for greatness and maximum success & significance. That is called IMPACT. And the way to do that is the continual seeking of your ‘next level’ and ‘best-self.’ And that’s what today’s IMPACT SHOW episode is all about. 


Here is what I discuss on today’s SHOW:

  • #1 Point. How to best shift your energy…NOW!
  • How to create your personal strategic advisory board and why it’s important to do that. 
  • #2 Point. Attack your fears and how to best use your fear as fuel. 
  • #3 Point. How to best focus on the right priorities that includes fitness, faith, family…and then some.
  • Answer important questions like “What are you doing today that will matter MOST in 3-years, 10-years, or 25-years?”
  • #4 Point. How to most align yourself with your highest calling and exercises and disciplines to maximize your divine purpose. 
  • #5 Point. Maximizing your habits and which ones are most important.
  • My new IMPACT-X Coaching program (starting March 21st, 2024) and how it’s focused on deep, intense personal development & growth.

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