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Episode 312

Featuring Evan Ramirez

6 Lessons from a Navy SEAL that You Must Hear With Evan Ramirez

If there ever is an episode that will captivate you and have you sitting on the edge of your seat and wanting more, this is it. Man, this is as good as it gets. Evan Ramirez served in the US Navy for 21-years, in which 11 of those years were as a U.S. Navy Seal. When you hear the stories that Evan is about to share, including how & why it took him almost 2-years to get through BUDS Training, you will be incredibly inspired. Additionally, his mindset, determination, toughness, resilience, leadership, and servant-first attitude as a SEAL and man is equally inspiring. 

In this extraordinary episode, Evan shares:

  •     How and why he ended up going into the Navy, as it was not his chosen career path at first.
  •     How long specifically did it take you to get through BUDS Training and why did it take so long?
  •     How mindset, resilience, persistence, perseverance, teamwork, and camaraderie are a huge part of being a SEAL.
  •     Was your tough upbringing a big part of helping you get through what you had to endure in BUDS?
  •     What were a few of your more “memorable” deployments and why?
  •     6-Lessons Learned as a Navy Seal and some principles Evan lives by today now that he’s recently retired from the Navy.
  •     The “5 H’s” Evan lives by today.
  •     What’s next for Evan Ramirez?

This is one tremendously inspiring podcast episode. I believe you will get tremendous value out of it on many levels. As always, please share it with your friends, colleagues, community, and certainly anyone who you believe can benefit as well.


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