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Episode 193

6-Ways to Reach Success & Significance for High School Kids

Like almost everyone else, high school kids have had a tough year this past year. I recently had the opportunity to speak to a group of high school kids up in Washington State and impart some words, wisdom, life, and “impact” to them. As a matter of fact, this talk was kinda like “Get Your Mind Right” meets my “I.M.P.A.C.T.” talk.

Regardless of your age, I invite you to listen to today’s episode as I address these kids and share my “6 Secrets to Reach Success & Significance” in life. In the beginning, I asked the kids a very important life question: Would you rather be rich and famous or happy & full of joy? If you had to choose ONE, which would it be?

If you are a parent, you know it’s been a tough year for everyone, including the kiddos. There were no sports, limited activities, little socialization, varying school schedules, lots of “screen time,” and little PLAY. This episode will re-ignite the light and help “Get The Mind Right” again for them and you.

Listen in now and get your “6 Secrets”…If you enjoy it, please share it with your kids and athletes and tell them “Coach Durkin” said it’s mandatory listening. Please kindly share it on your social media, which can help us evangelize the message to spread IMPACT to people of ALL ages. Thank you in advance.

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2:55 – Would you rather be “rich & famous” or “happy & joyful?”

5:01 – Get Dreaming again, and let’s create some IMPACT.

9:38 – Master Your Craft.

12:16 – Play at World Class.

17:00 – Take Action.

22:40 – Condition for Greatness starts with great nutrition and Exercise!

26:57 – Be Tenacious. Energy. Fervor. Spirit.



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