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Episode 272

7 Must-Hear Lessons from 7 Keynotes

What gets your soul signing and how do you maximize IMPACT on a daily basis? What are your top 5 gifts, skills, and superpowers that you love doing and need to do more of? One of the things that I love doing is speaking and keynoting and I’ve been busy as heck the last several weeks. As a matter of fact, today’s episode is on “7 Lessons from 7 Keynotes” in the last few weeks.

Specifically, what you are going to hear in today’s episode has less to do with my actual speaking points but more about some of the lessons surrounding these events, the preparation for the event, conversations I had with some of the attendees or key personnel, and some overall takeaways and thoughts from the venues and experiences.

This includes the following 7 events:

  1. US Fitness in Cancun, MX
  2. “What’s Next?” book event here at the TDE HQ – San Diego, CA
  3. Chapel at Christian High School – Chula Vista, CA
  4. Royal Bank of Canada; Wealth Management in Minneapolis, MN
  5. Vertimax Summit in Tampa, FL
  6. Odyssey Investments; Boot Camp Teambuilding Workout on the Beach, Del Mar, CA
  7. Hand & Stone Massage & Facial Spa in San Antonio, TX

I truly believe these lessons are going to help your soul sing, focus your time & energy on things that matter most, and ultimately help you maximize your IMPACT. Enjoy the Show!!

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