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Episode 288

Featuring Hank Ebeling

7 Principles to WOW & Dazzle Your Customers Consistently

Is great customer service a dying thing? Like me, have you had any bad customer experiences lately? I know it doesn’t happen at your work or business, but I bet you have experienced some bad service recently at a restaurant, shop, gym, or retail business in the last month alone. Truth be told, creating extraordinary customer experiences is MORE important than ever these days and I want to dive deep into that today and discuss how we can consistently dazzle and WOW our clients, customers, fans, and tribe/community even more consistently.

In today’s episode, I want to share the 7 principles to consistently deliver a “world-class experience” and share a few personal stories from brands like the iconic Ritz-Carlton, Nordstrom, and Disney that I have dealt with and how they have left a lasting impression on me. Additionally, I have my good friend Hank Ebeling on the IMPACT SHOW today. Hank is the king of service, building his career on a passion for customer service and customer experience.

Here are some of the things we discuss:

  • Hank’s Top 4 & my Top 3 Customer Service Principles.
  • Why I wanted to be the “Ritz-Carlton” of the fitness, gym, and coaching industry.
  • The Disney story and how I once saw Snow White doing something you wouldn’t believe.
  • Why I love Nordstrom’s…and what keeps me going back.
  • Why people’s names are so important and top tips on how to remember them.
  • How & why it’s important to meet the unexpected and unspoken needs of your customers/clients.
  • A negative customer experience I encountered recently and my thoughts on why it went bad.
  • What’s the lifetime value of your customer/clients?
  • The weatherman test and how it can help you create a world-class customer experience.

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About Hank Ebeling:

Hank Ebeling is a small-business entrepreneur and the founder and owner of H4 Training gyms in Illinois. He’s built his career on a passion for customer service and customer experience, and he shares his insights in interviews and conversations with a range of other small-business owners in his popular Success Trails Podcast. Hank recently authored the book Crushing the Competition with Service, which is available on Amazon. Hank helps transform other small businesses by taking their customer service from good to gold. You can email him at hank@h4-training.com or check him out on other social platforms like Instagram at @HankEbeling.

Check out his book HERE.



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