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Episode 328

Featuring Randy Hetrick

7 Secret Entrepreneurial Lessons with Randy Hetrick, Founder of TRX & OUTFIT Training | Ep. #328

Randy Hetrick is a former Navy Seal, Stanford MBA, founder of TRX, and the founder of OutFit Training. Randy is not only one of my great friends, he has been an entrusted colleague and friend for more than 15-years. While he’s had one heckuva career, the last 3-years have been a whirlwind as he “lost” TRX when they had to file for bankruptcy, founded OutFit Training, a technology-enabled mobile fitness franchise, and then ended up simultaneously buying TRX back out of bankruptcy. Yep. All within the last 3-years. Check it ALL out below as this episode will blow your mind with a lot of entrepreneurial wisdom…and then some!

Specifically, here are some of the things Randy and I discuss on today’s IMPACT SHOW episode:

  • Rapid fire “fun” questions…
  • Out of all the things you are doing, what are you most enjoying these days?
  • TRX. How the heck did you lose that…and more importantly, how the heck did you get it back?
  • Who is Jack Daley and how did he IMPACT you and TRX?
  • What’s 1-big thing to finish 2023 STRONG and 3 “big” goals to crush 2024?
  • What are the keys to creating a strong indispensable culture for you organization?
  • What is your single most important business asset…
  • What are 2 of the most important attributes in selecting team members?
  • Talk about cash flow and how it’s the life-line of any organization…
  • How can you most effectively “focus your efforts” on the things that you SHOULD be doing versus getting caught in the weeds doing things that you should NOT be doing consistently?
  • What problems do your businesses solve and how do/did you determine that? 
  • You have done a lot in your career…and you’ve had some really big wins and even a few losses. What would be 3-5 words on your “Tombstone Statement”?
  • Why did you decide to franchise “OUTFIT” and how can one learn more about those opportunities?


What a treat to have Randy Hetrick on the IMPACT SHOW today. If you got any value out of today’s SHOW, please share it on your social media and tag Randy and me. If you could also forward it to any of your family & friends, that would be greatly appreciated. 


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