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Episode 293

Featuring Tyler Anstey

A Battle for Mental Health by a Heroic Cop [Hero Series]

My heart is stirring, my soul is yearning to go deeper and deeper. And today’s podcast is as IMPACTFUL as they come. It’s with a police officer who has one heck of a story and he talks openly and candidly about his battle with his mental health, brushes with suicidal thoughts, and how he has overcome his demons that sometimes pop up. He literally has turned his pain into his purpose. This is as REAL a conversation as you will ever hear on this topic. Suicide is running rampant in our culture and I will no longer avoid the topic. As a matter of fact, I will be discussing, sharing, and going on a mission to “do something” about it. And it starts TODAY!!

I first met Tyler Anstey via email back in 2016 when he shared his story and struggles with mental health and how my first book “The IMPACT Body Plan” helped him through some very dark and tough times. Fast forward to 2018, Tyler shared an update finally being diagnosed with PTSD and getting medical attention. He dusted off the old IMPACT Body Plan and began his 10-week program to help get his mind, body, and soul right.

Fast forward to today and I am happy to share that Tyler is thriving and able to share his story with us as a struggling police officer, who almost took his own life in his darkest hours. This is a deep and personal one my friends but a real life story of an everyday hero serving his community and helping others deal with the tough times as well.

In today’s episode here is what Tyler and I discuss:

  • The letter Tyler wrote me in 2016 during some of his darkest days and why he did NOT commit suicide.
  • How Tyler went from 18 pills a day to one and his top hacks to combat mental health that are not pharmaceutical.
  • What Tyler does on his most challenging days to “get his mind right.”
  • Life today and back at work as a patrol officer…Tyler is happiest serving the community and helping those who struggle with their own mental health.
  • Family life now, why his life revolves around his son Cooper, and how happy he is that he’s newly engaged.
  • Lessons learned, perspective, and self-care is a full-time job, and his personal mission to be the best father and human he can be.
  • Advice to anyone suffering from mental health issues today, and his “never give up!” mentality.

This is an IMPACT Show episode if there ever was one as it helps address and tackle a real-world challenge we all face today. I am committed to doing something about it and I hope you are willing to join the crusade for us to combat Mental Health and prevent suicide. Please SHARE this episode as everyone can relate on some level.

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** Lastly, if you know someone struggling mentally or you personally are having a rough patch mentally, or you are suicidal, please reach out for help. Please call 911 or 988 (Suicide Hotline).



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