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Episode 327

A Crazy Year of Love, Loss, & Life with Great Friend & Iconic Fit-Pro Brett Klika | Ep. 327

This is as real as it gets. He’s one of my best friends, we have trained together at Fitness Quest 10 since 2001, he has created a ton of IMPACT in the fitness industry…and he just had one of the toughest years any man or woman could ever imagine. You see, as this podcast drops, it’s coincidentally one-year to the day that Brett’s wife Lisa suffered a massive anyeurism at just age 44 and tragically passed away. And just like that, Brett became a “single-father” to his 10-year old Maddie and had to piece it all together. And unlike ANYTHING I have ever heard, Brett’s strength, resilience, love, compassion, grace, and will to do good has shone a light like I’ve never seen before. 


My friends, what Brett has endured in the past year is living hell. But for him to get up on this podcast and share about it all just one-year to the day about the highs, lows, and everything in between is truly remarkable. You are in for one heckua humanly experience for the next hour. And I’m convinced this is going to make you a better person simply by listening to it. Buckle-up. Here we go…


Here is what Brett & I discuss on today’s IMPACT SHOW podcast:

  • 7 Rapid fire-questions to catch Brett off-guard. Haha…
  • Most challenging year of your life. Why? 
  • Brett shares his top 3 lessons that have become the centerpiece of life dealing with this deep tragic loss.
  • How do you manage your darkest moments? 
  • What experiences, mindset, or tools do you think allows you to manage those?
  • Are you finding joy/happiness in the day to day and if so, HOW?
  • What would you share with someone who has experienced serious recent loss in their life?
  • How has your experience with loss and grief impacted your business and your life? 
  • Tell me about how you’re helping people with your Energy100 program.
  • What do you find is the biggest barrier to how people feel on a day to day basis? 
  • If there was one thing people could start doing right now to feel or perform better in their life, what would that be? 


My friends, there is just no way you can listen to this episode and not be better for it. Please, do me a favor…SHARE IT. It brings out such poignancy to the mere fact that we must LIVE & LOVE life, even when you do experience LOSS. Brett Klika is a great example of this to us and I’m so proud to call him a friend.

A few things. Please be sure to follow Brett and his amazing journey on IG at @Bklika and you can check out his website at www.BrettKlika.com. Again, please do SHARE this episode via your social media and please text it to your family & friends.

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