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Episode 311

Featuring Jordan Delks

A Hoops Coach & Mindset Guru Now Changing Lives out of a Barn With Jordan Delks

There are people in life who just elevate your mood, energy, mindset, and desire to do better. Jordan Delks is one of these people. He’s a former standout basketball player turned hoops trainer, mindset coach, and life-transformer. When he and his wife opened their first gym in a dairy barn in Indiana, you immediately think “Hoosiers.” Well, six-years later, they have 5 “barns” throughout Indiana and have plans to have 30 “barns” by 2030, where kids lives will be forever transformed, parents lives are infinitely impacted, hoops players of ALL levels are trained from the inside-out…and a whole heckuva lotta IMPACT is created.


This is a fast-break kind of episode as we cover a lot of court in a little time. It’s an old-school “run and shoot” offense that’s going to light up the scoreboard. Here is some of what I ask Jordan and what we cover:

  1. You have been training basketball pros for 12-years now. How did that begin?
  2. Your training facilities & gyms are literally out of a barn. How & why did you start with a dairy barn and what did your wife Courtney (former Purdue & pro basketball player) say about it?
  3. What is “Dream Szn”?
  4. Why is “competing” so important for anyone and having goals & dreams that motivate & inspire you?
  5. In addition to training basketball players, you are doing a ton of mindset coaching with CEO’s, CFO’s, entrepreneurs, and people of all industries. How did this all transpire?
  6. Do you see any commonalities across industries and what are the biggest mindset challenges they’re dealing with?
  7. How do people really breakthrough and level-up when it comes to mindset?
  8. Can you please riff for a minute or so for someone who DOES have their mind right and just wants to tap into more of their deepest potential?
  9. Can you please riff for a minute or so for someone who DOES NOT have their mind right and wants to flip the switch and get on track again?
  10. What are some specific habits, routines, or practices that you would recommend for anyone who is looking to become their best self?
  11. Lastly, my ‘And Then Some’ question, what is next for Jordan & Courtney Delks and what does Compete Training Academy and the Dream Szn look like in the next 5-10 years?


Folks, this is a story that just brings great vibes to your soul and being. It’s one of those episodes that you will FEEL Jordan’s passion and love to help people on so many levels. Enjoy it and I hope it inspires you to be your absolute best self also!


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