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Episode 341

A Wild Trip to NYC to Ring NASDAQ Bell, a Book Signing, & Seizing Opportunities | Ep. 341

Ready to get ignited with epic energy & mojo from the epicenter of the universe, Times Square NYC? I hope so! 2024 came in on fire as I got a call on Jan 2 to be in New York City to ring the NASDAQ bell on January 4th. Whaat? Don’t ask questions…just listen to this episode to the 48-hour whirlwind tour that included “ringing the bell” on the NASDAQ, a book signing party, a reflective “walk & talk” in Central Park, Times Square nuttiness, and a whole lotta Italian food. It was an epic way to start the new year and I’m pumped for what IS about to become this year. I created this episode as a “compilation” of sort to have you experience a few minutes of each of the different venues/events to taste a bit of the extraordinary energy that is New York!


Here is specifically what I share on this week’s episode of the IMPACT SHOW:

  • Part 1. Deep thoughts from 35,000 feet as I share why I’m excited to get back to NYC for the first time in over 5-years and my thoughts on the upcoming 365-days.

  • Part 2. NASDAQ & Times Square. Just moments after ringing the NASDAQ bell, I shared my thoughts and top takeaways from this unique experience with Athletec News and why it was special to be part of “Wellness Week.”

  • Part 3. A walk in Central Park. This one gets deep.

  • Part 4. A book signing party for my niece Dr. Brooke Scheller. My niece Brooke just launched her book in late Dec 2023 and coincidentally was having her book signing party for 150-people in NYC on the SAME DAY as the NASDAQ Bell experience. Crazy!!

  • Part 5. A podcast studio in the heart of Times Square and some thoughts from Brooke Scheller, on her new book, “How To Eat To Change How You Drink.”

  • Part 6. Times Square—Grand Finale! There is no better and more appropriate place to close this episode than Times Square NYC. As a matter of fact, I share 4-lessons & principles about “Seizing Opportunities” and how/when do you know “WHEN to say YES” to an opportunity.

This episode is one of the more unique episodes I’ve done as it’s a “compilation” episode with 6-parts done over just 2.5-days. Shoutout to my amazing TEAM for turning this around so fast and getting it in your ears. ENJOY!!!


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