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Episode 236

Featuring Rob Barr

Are You Ready to Flip the Switch? It’s Time to TRANSFORM!

Today I’m talking about transformation and how to dig deep to ultimately discover your best self even when you’re not feeling like yourself. Perhaps you’re feeling tired, empty, exhausted, or burnt out, or maybe you’re not feeling the passion, purpose, or energy you desire. If so, then you’ve come to the right podcast episode.

Besides just talking about transformation, I’m featuring a man I have personally coached in one of my programs which created a massive transformation in his own personal and professional life. Rob Barr is the Athletic Director at The Detroit Athletic Club in Detroit, Michigan, and oversees hundreds of employees & thousands of members. But Rob’s life was spiraling downward not long ago, and he lost his faith, wasn’t happy in his marriage, and was about to tap out. Literally.

But after a conversation with my cohort Kelli Watson, one of our IMPACT coaches, Rob decided to join my IMPACT Coaching Program, and in his own words, the program was “divine intervention.” At his lowest point, Rob did not know if life was worth living. He NOW is thriving and living life to the fullest. His faith is intact. His marriage and relationships are thriving. He is personally and professionally creating some great IMPACT.

Rob Barr is the poster child for taking action. He is the author of his own story and lives a life worth telling a story about. He believes in himself again. He’s inspiring others again, and that lights him up. He competes every single day.  He even went from MyZone Challenges in the IMPACT Coaching program to competing in an Iron Man triathlon– you talk about transformation!

Rob Barr is a shining light, and I know you are too. Flip the switch, get LIT-UP, and let’s transform your body, mind, and soul…NOW!

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About Rob Barr:

Athletic Director, The Detroit Athletic Club RobB@TheDAC.com

2-Time winner, Club Athletic Director of the Year; North American Assoc. Of Club Athletic Directors

Husband & Father of 2 kids. Happily Married.

Iron Man Triathlon finisher




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