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Episode 356

Big Announcement #2… TRUE STRENGTH & 5-Ways to Make BIG things happen in your LIFE!

My friends, I’ve been sharing for a few months that I had 3 big announcements. Today, I’m ready to make Announcement #2. I also have shared all 3 announcements are mutually exclusive and ALL of them are BIG.  My 1st big announcement I made was that I have a huge LIVE Summit in Los Angeles from July 11-14th. I’m requesting your presence there as it’s going to be one of the most powerful LIVE events I’ve ever done…and it’s definitely going to be incredibly inspirational and IMPACTFUL. We have 12-speakers, in addition to me, a ton of features, and many things that will benefit YOU. BE IN THE ROOM!!!

But my 2nd announcement is completely different. It’s a really big one as it’s the culmination of 3.5 years of hell…literally, all in one tell-all BOOK. Yep. My 5th book, TRUE STRENGTH will be coming out in June 2024 and I couldn’t be more excited.


TRUE STRENGTH is a book, almost a memoir if you will, that I’ve been working on intensely for 6-months now and it is DEEP. Like deeper than anything I’ve ever shared, let alone written. While the book is not slated to officially come out until mid June, I want to do 3 things today:

1. Share a snippet of the book with you. I’m too excited NOT to share!

2. Share my goals of the book with you. They are BIG.

3. Share that we have a book launch team forming right now and I want to invite you to be part of it. I would love for YOU to be part of it (Check out www.ToddDurkin.com to be part of it now)!


Here are the 5-goals of the TRUE STRENGTH book that I discuss in depth on today’s SHOW:

  1. Change a lot of lives…including how many I’d like to reach.

  2. Sell 10,000 books in 6-months…and how we can achieve that.

  3. Raise & Donate $100,000 for Suicide Prevention and Mental Health from book sales…and how the IMPACT Foundation will donate 100% of money raised to this effort.

  4. Go on a “big” morning TV talk show like the Today Show, GMA, Kelly & Mark, or a show like that to talk about the book and our philanthropic efforts behind hit. Any/all introductions to contacts are welcome! ☺

  5. Book “10” big podcasts to be a guest on their show to further help get the word out (ie. Ed Mylett, Megyn Kelly, Joe Rogan, etc.). Again, any/all introductions to these people or other big shows are welcome! Thank you in advance.


Next, I discuss with you 5-Ways to get serious momentum going and big things done in life (ie. Like writing a book). Here is what I discuss in depth…

  1. If you are in a valley right now, keep going and don’t give-up.

  2. Quarterback your health. If you have something going on, seek the right health & medical team and spearhead the effort.

  3. Do what you do best…and hire the rest. I provide you specific examples of what I have done, and what I’m doing now to get some serious momentum going.

  4. RISE TIDES and Level people UP. “The bigger your dream…the more important your team.” I share specifically what I’m doing now to raise people up on my team.

  5. To be even “bigger,” you must make BIG moves. The questions that I need to ask you include:

  • What moves are you wanting to make?

  • What do you want to create?

  • What deeply inspires you? WHO is inspiring you to live at a level that is challenging you to live and play at your best?

  • Be real…what’s holding you back?

  • What do you need to do to overcome that?

Answer those questions…and make the moves that need to be made.


I’m fired-up, I’m excited, I’m nervous, and I’m ready for you to learn more about TRUE STRENGTH, what it is, and hear how I think it’s going to help impact the world…and YOU. Without further ado, let’s dive into the podcast.


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** If you would like to be on my TRUE STRENGTH book launch team, please go to www.ToddDurkin.com and SIGN-UP Today!!



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