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Episode 188

Featuring Q&A with TD

Biggest Mistake Ever in Business & My Hardest Thing in Marriage

I love it when people reach out to me with questions, comments, and shares. In today’s Q&A episode, I have several questions that came in from my IG, FB, and emails. Some are light and fun and will put a smile on your face. A couple others are deep & soulful. One is about my favorite quotes that drive me today and keep me focused and on track with my purpose. Hopefully, one of these will resonate with you and give you a jolt of motivation and inspiration for the day.

Here are the 6 questions asked:

#1.@GreaterLifeFitness: Is it OK that I named my new Rescue Pup “Durkin”…?

#2. @Katconn99: What sled brand do you use in the parking lot? Does it mess up the pavement?

#3. @Giftedmathis: What would be your advice to someone who is inconsistent in the gym?

#4. @1ststrongmomme: What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever gone through in your marriage?

#5. @Davidpoho94: If you could change one thing about your path to the current day, what would you do differently? & @JessJacobsen: Biggest mistake ever made in business?

#6. @MariaMeeuwisse: What quotes are driving you these days?

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