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Episode 278

Featuring Dr. Mike DeBord

BFR, Biohacking, & Igniting Your Fitness

BFR has been a secret biohack in the rehab & performance world for years. Now it’s making its way into the fitness mainstream. As a matter of fact, I’ve been personally using BFR (Blood Flow Restriction) for over a year now to optimize health, fitness, and hormone levels after some physical injuries/surgeries that I had to endure.

Specifically, this is what you will hear on today’s IMPACT SHOW with top performance-enhancement expert, Dr. Mike DeBord:
1. What is BFR (Blood Flow Restriction) and how does it work to significantly amplify one’s health, fitness, and performance?
2. Why the release of growth hormone, testosterone, IGF-1, nitric-oxide, as well as other hormones are crucial to your health and how they can ignite your health, physicality and vitality.
3. How and why Nitric Oxide is an “Anti-aging” hormone and how you can get more of it in your daily routine.
4. What are some specific protocols to use with BFR Bands whether you are an athlete, fitness enthusiast, weekend warrior, in rehab for injury, or you just want to maximize your health & fitness results.
5. How to elicit some of the same physiological & hormonal responses without using BFR Bands.
6. Why BFR may revolutionize the way people train in the next 3-5 years.

Enjoy today’s conversation and IMPACT Show. It undoubtedly will challenge the way you think and approach the way you train and potentially enhance your strength, speed, power, transformation, and fitness results. If you find value in today’s SHOW, please share it on your social media. This allows even more fire-breathing dragons to receive some high-octane fuel for their mindset and healthset.

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If you want even more information on BFR and how to biohack yourself (like me) with your own set of bands, check out this link: https://td.b3sciences.com/



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