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Episode 330

Featuring Denise Druce

Cancer, Prison, Inspiration…and a Whole Lot of Yoga | Ep. 330 with Denise Druce

WOW! Buckle-up for what is one of the most powerful episodes of the year. You are going to LOVE this one as Denise Druce, the “2023 IDEA World Inspiration Of the Year” Award winner, shares her extraordinary journey filled with hope, dreams, consistency, and a whole lot of IMPACT! This episode IS going to inspire you. It will make you even more grateful for what you do and who you are. And it’s going to motivate you to do big things in the upcoming 2024 year. #TrustMe


Specifically, here are some the things Denise & Todd discuss on today’s IMPACT SHOW:

  • What was is like to win the “IDEA World Inspiration Award” and share some of your thoughts on that?
  • One of the most emotional moments of her acceptance speech and why she pointed Todd out of the crowd and thanked him for sharing his podcasts & social media.
  • Tell us about Madonna, Dennis Rodman, and Karl Malone… 
  • Cancer. It’s back in your body. Share your mindset and thoughts around where you are at right now.
  • Prison. Denise shares how her father served a long-prison sentence starting when she was just a teen and how/why she goes into the prison every week (and has for years) to teach yoga to the inmates…and give back.
  • Denise shares the story of Ferosa, her student who is serving a life-sentence in prison and her amazing transformation.
  • You often say “If you want to know where to serve, go to your wounds” and “We can do hard things.” Please elaborate on both of those statements…
  • What is “Yoga Forward” & “Yoga Assets” and tell me how that works?
  • What has kept you going strong for 42-years and still keeps you strong today?
  • Todd & Denise discuss potentially doing a yoga & self-empowerment event together later in 2024. Hmmmm….


WOW-o-WOW. Folks, this is indeed one of the most powerful episodes of the entire year, if not “Top-10” ALL-TIME in 330-episodes. PLEASE share this on your social media, text it to your family and friends, and please thank and encourage Denise to keep being a vessel of light and love. You can tag us at:


IG: @ToddDurkin @DeniseDruce

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5 Powerful Quotes from Episode:

“If you want to know where to serve, go to your wounds.”

“Motion is lotion…Move more!”

“The more we live in the moment and look for gratitude, the happier we will be even when life is really hard.”

“You gotta shift from Victim to Leader to Servant.”

“We can do hard things.”

** To watch Denise’s 2023 IDEA World Inspiration Award Speech, go to her “biolink” on IG and you can see her entire speech there, or you can watch it here:





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