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Episode 251

Featuring Chase Daniel

Chasing Greatness

Could you imagine playing in the NFL for 14 years? Could you imagine only starting 5 games in those 14 years? Meet Chase Daniel. Perennial backup, a team guy, and a 1% of the 1% who not only makes the NFL but has a 10+ year career in the League.

On this episode of the IMPACT SHOW, I sit down with Chase to discuss what greatness means to him, what has helped him achieve and maintain a successful 14-year career as a professional football player in the NFL, his philosophy on preparation, his vital importance in his role as a back-up quarterback, and what keeps him going these days.

This episode of “Chasing Greatness” goes beyond the football field and is full of insight and wisdom about the tools and mindset needed on the journey of chasing greatness, regardless of one’s career, including:

– Preparing like you are the starter, no matter your position or where you are on the depth chart.

– Knowing the importance of your role on the team, and how you can make your teammates and your team better, regardless of the depth chart.

– How to get ready and stay ready so when the opportunity arises, you can make the most of it.

– Why being focused on the PROCESS (vs. just the Product) is super-important to sustained success and greatness.

– How to be “coachable” and make sure your character, work ethic, and attitude contribute positively to a team and its culture.

– What are his biggest motivators today and how that has changed throughout his career?

Listen to this episode as it’s guaranteed to not only give you a different perspective on “carrying the clipboard” for a career versus behind a valuable teammate on a mission to help your organization reach the pinnacle of success.

The bottom line is there is no substitute for hard work. Period. This is true no matter your role and no matter your profession. Hard work is essential to chasing greatness whether you are a CEO, an entrepreneur, a business owner, a coach, or a backup quarterback. You have to work hard in order to achieve greatness. Now LISTEN IN and then go get after it!

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