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Episode 255

Featuring 1st Lt. Riley Compton

Chasing Greatness

U.S. Marines are some of the “baddest” people on the planet. And I want you to meet one of them today. Meet 1st Lieutenant Riley Compton, a 25-year-old Marine who leads hundreds of other Marines. 1st Lt. Compton was recently named the U.S. Marine Corps Female Athlete of the Year. She is also training for the U.S. Olympic Bobsled team and has her sights on making the winter Olympics in 2024.  She is a woman of faith, married to a Marine, and has a very bright future.

In this episode, we discuss many things including:

  • What drew Riley to the U.S. Marines and how she is currently overseeing 300+ other Marines.
  •  How a girl from Indiana became an Olympic bobsled hopeful after joining the Marine Corps.
  • Why she got into bobsledding and her desire to be a world-class athlete and compete at the highest level.
  • How Riley’s relationship with her father has fueled her passion and zest for life.
  •  Keeping a positive attitude and spirit, even when facing adversity.
  •  Faith and the important role it plays in everything she does.
  • The importance of “role models” and what kids should do today if they want to be successful.

I must share with you how much I truly enjoyed this episode. If there is ever an episode that gives me hope for our future, a smile on my face, and confidence that the world has some incredible young female role models in it, it’s this one. To see a young girl serving our country, leading hundreds of other Marines, satiating her desire to be a world-class athlete, and keeping her faith at the forefront in all she does, it truly is inspiring. While she may not have the influence of a “social media influencer,” THIS is the kind of role model our young girls need today. And our great country needs more extraordinary women like Riley Compton.

If you resonate with the message in today’s Show and are excited to hear the fervor, spirit, and energy of one of America’s “young & upcoming stars” (as voted on by urs truly), please share this episode and be sure to Riley and me.

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Riley Compton:
IG: @ri.compton

Noteworthy Quotes from this Episode:

“Be present with where you are at. Grow where you’re planted when you’re there.”  ~ Riley Compton

“Rely on your training. Stay calm in the presence of chaos. You know what you’re supposed to do.”  ~ Riley Compton

“I want to look fear in the eye and be like, bring it! What’s next? OK, yeah let me conquer you one more time. Let me face this adversity one more time. Because I’m going to come out even stronger. And that fear is never gonna grip me. And I refuse to let it have a hold of me.” ~ Riley Compton

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. 6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. ~ Proverb 3 5-6

“Chasing Greatness in so many ways is that we are never completely done with our chase.” ~ Todd Durkin



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