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Episode 318

Coach Wolf, Sawman, A Convo with my Younger & Older Self…& Laaaboorrr Day! | Ep. 318 (Q&A Part 2)

Happy Labor Day—one of my favorite days of the year! You’re going to laugh, think & dream deeply, maybe shed a tear, and definitely be inspired today. By tradition, you will hear my Coach Wolf “Laaabbooorrrr Day” speech followed by me answering 6-great questions. 


Here are the 6 questions I fielded today on the IMPACT SHOW:

  • What do you miss most about Coach Wolf?
  • If you could have a conversation with “Sawman” today, what would you share with him about the current world and the fitness industry?
  • What would your “5-year old self” say to you TODAY?
  • What would your “10-year old self” say to you TODAY?
  • What would your future self say to you in 5-10 years from today?
  • What would your future self say to you in 20-years?


Interesting enough, this week’s episode allowed me to do a few things. First, it allowed me to look back and reflect upon my childhood and share some deep thoughts. Second, it allowed me to look forward and envision and dream of the person I want to be in the future. And lastly, it allows me to coach you on the same questions I answered and shared. I do believe that if you answer these questions, it will touch your mind & soul and make you better today.


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