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Episode 144

Featuring Trish Blackwell

Creating Confidence in Crazy Times

Have you ever had your confidence rocked or shattered? Have you ever needed a boost of belief, courage, or confidence or you just needed to “Get Your Mind Right?” If so, you’re going to love today’s Show. Meet my good friend Trish Blackwell, one of the top “Confidence Coaches” in the world who has an amazing gift to help people train their brains and double down on their confidence to quiet self-doubt. In a world full of fear, anger, and self-doubt, Trish drops some amazing nuggets in today’s episode.

Specifically, here is what you learn and receive:

How to set deep intentions & ultimately manifest them.  How to change & train your thoughts to make sure they don’t kill you but “feed” your creativity and confidence. How the “hustle culture” is a huge confidence killer. How you can use self-doubt as fuel for moving forward. What is the “insecurity detox” and how do you combat insecurity? Trish’s best habits for high-performance and building her own confidence. Why YOUR STORY should boost your confidence and energize you for the future. A BOOST IN CONFIDENCE!

Trish is a special woman and I’ve known her for a long time. I used to coach her in my “Power of 10” Mastermind and now she’s now doing extraordinary things in the world to instill belief, courage, and confidence in many people. While she thrives on empowering women & kids to train their thoughts and lives, she really does IMPACT people men & women of ALL ages. Check it out and I think you will agree.

Please be sure to share this episode. It is excellent for anyone, no matter your age, what you do, what industry you are in, or how big your dreams are in life. We all need a little confidence boost in life and I know this episode is going to help!

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More on the episode:

:19 – Meet Trish Blackwell…changing thousands of lives.

3:16 – The Power of Intentions, Trish shares how it all started and the transformation.

Just Show Up!

6:00 – I’m a confidence coach and empower people to train their thoughts and change their lives.

Take what’s in your head to your heart. As long as you are going, you are growing!

10:44 – Confidence is like a muscle, Trish shares what we need to do to train it.

If you are 2% more confident than self-doubt then you are confident enough to move forward.

14:28 – Confidence Killer

The Hustle Culture

16:21 – Is there value in self-doubt?

Keep courage activated and use it as fuel

19:00 – Journaling is like breathing for your brain!

You are the boss of your thoughts. It’s never too late to train the brain. It doesn’t matter what you accomplish, what matters is you show up!

29:15 – Insecurity Detox…Slow Down

31:38 – Trish shares her best habits

Morning routine. Boundaries. Communication.

37:02 – Trish shares what she is most excited about in 2021

40:30 – Boost of Confidence – Your Story is not Over

Dare to hope is the first step to change. 1% Better every day.



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