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Episode 143

Deep Thoughts From the Garage

Today’s episode is short, sweet, and from the heart and soul. I’m going to ask you some deep questions that are going to challenge you to the core and ultimately allow you to put your unique fingerprints and soul print on this universe.

Some of these questions include:

If anything was possible, what would you do? What are the world’s greatest problems…and how can you be a solution to them? Are you playing BIG enough? How can you play even BIGGER? What are you consuming today that is high-octane fuel physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and energetically? What are 3 things that you MUST get done today before the head hits the pillow to make sure it was a winning day?

Get after it my friends. I hope this spittin’ fire episode lights a spark under your backside. If so, please share your takeaways with your community over on social media. Be sure to Tag me & your top takeaways:

IG/Twitter:  @ToddDurkin

Facebook:  @ToddDurkinFQ10

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