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Episode 342

Featuring Brooke Scheller

Demons Into Dreams; How to EAT to Change How You Drink  | Ep. 342 with my niece Dr. Brooke Scheller

This one is special. Not just because it’s on the ever-popular topic of nutrition, but it’s with my niece Brooke Scheller. And little did I know that when I brought Brooke out to San Diego for a “21-Day Transformation Program” (when she was just 18-years old) to help her “find her way,” that it would eventually lead her to get a doctorate in nutrition. And now, she just launched her first book, HOW TO EAT TO CHANGE HOW YOU DRINK. Yes, as a recovering alcoholic, Brooke has turned her “Demons into Dreams” and she’s now positively IMPACTING thousands of people on both social media, her new book, and now the TD IMPACT SHOW. You gotta listen to this one…


On today’s IMPACT SHOW, we discuss:

  • Brooke’s back story and growing-up in Brick, NJ.

  • The IMPACT of the “21-Day Transformation Program” after Brooke graduated high-school and how that program eventually led her to FAX in her college application. ☺

  • Brooke shares her career as a nutritionist and how she balanced a career and life of someone in wellness, while still battling with alcohol.

  • Why has she felt inspired to speak openly about sobriety (rather than remaining “anonymous”)?

  • Why did she write this book?

  • In the book, one of her dedications in the book was to her younger self. Why?

  • Brooke’s 2-3 of her favorite parts of the book and Todd shares his favorite parts.

  • Brooke shares and explains her “archetypes” of drinking.

  • Brooke shares what she hopes this book will bring to the world?

  • What’s next for Brooke Scheller?


I am so proud of Brooke and loved recording this episode literally from Times Square NYC. I think you are going to love this SHOW also. Please be sure to listen, post a pic on your social media, and then pass on the episode to your community. Please tag us both at:

IG: @ToddDurkin @DrBrookeScheller




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