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Episode 177

Earn Your MEPS with Emmett Williams

We are heading over to Australia for today’s IMPACT episode where I have one of my long-time friends and colleagues on the Show, Emmett Williams. Emmett is the CEO and co-founder of Myzone and we cover a multitude of topics today from fitness, business, mindset, and what it takes to create a competitive advantage these days.

Specifically, here is what you will learn In today’s episode:

– How & Why Myzone started back in 2011.

– What are MEPS and why is “effort” rewarded so much with Myzone?

– The most difficult business challenge Emmett ever had and how 7 employees literally saved the company.

– Learn what separates Myzone from its other competitors in this fitness technology/wearables space.

– Learn what the new “MZ-Switch” is and how users can now track their calories, HR, and MEPs while swimming and doing other water-based activities.

– Hear Emmett’s predictions and trends for the future of fitness.

– Emmett shares how his son got the monkey off his back and “got his mind right.”

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1:20 – Emmett Williams in Australia

5:18 – The Beginning of MYZONE 2011

11:44  – Creating a Competitive Advantage in Today’s Marketplace

16:00 – One of Myzone’s Toughest Challenges

22:00 – The Turning Point

41:38 – The Future of Fitness & Emerging Trends in 2021

47:20 – Maximize Health & Mindset

51:00 – Close

About Emmett Williams:

Emmett Williams has worked worldwide in the fitness industry, returning recently to Australia after nine years in the United States. Having built and owned gyms on one side of the ledger, to having owned and grown international sales and marketing company CFM on the other side of the ledger, Williams now allocates most of his time as a partner in wearable technology company Myzone. He has been named to Fitness Australia’s prestigious Roll of Honor for excellence in leadership, and he accepted IHRSA’s Supplier of the Year award on behalf of Myzone. Williams is on the board of IHRSA’s Industry Partner Council as well as the Global Health and Fitness Alliance.




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