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Episode 346

Featuring Dr : Janna Hibler

Epigenetics, Hormones, & Gut-Health… Setting the Tone for 7-Generations of Health | Ep 346 w/ Dr. Janna Hibler

You are in for a real treat today. Meet Dr. Janna Hibler, a naturopathic doctor who I recently met at an IMPACT-X retreat I had in Whitefish, MT. She floored with me with her knowledge, wisdom, and expertise. I asked her to come on the podcast to empower us on hormones, gut-health, and epigenetics and she was so excited to share.


Here is what we discuss on this week’s IMPACT SHOW Episode 346:

  • How do you define HEALTH?
  • What are the 7 elements of HEALTH? 
  • What was in those IV’s that you fed Todd and the IMPACT-X’ers?
  • Why is “IV therapy” so good for you?
  • What is “NAD” and why is it important?
  • What is epigenetics and can you really impact 7-generations of health?
  • How do you change your gene expression?
  • If you were to theoretically create the healthiest baby ever (from a genetic standpoint), what would you do?
  • Give us the secret sauce. If you had to choose the 1-2 things to focus on to optimize your genes, and delay aging, what would it be?
  • Gut health. Talk about it..
  • Hormones. Testosterone. Estrogen. Progesterone. Growth-hormone. Talk more about optimizing your hormones.
  • Sleep apnea. Talk about it and your thoughts…
  • Gluten. What are your thoughts on gluten and is it really the “devil” when it comes to health?
  • What about “brain-fog?” What can you do to prevent or get rid of brain-fog?


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About the Guest (Dr. Janna Hibler):

Dr. Janna Hibler, ND, MS, is a functional medicine doctor who is on a mission to revolutionize healthcare through the power of Epigenetics. This passion began during her own health journey as a child and was ignited during preventative medicine rotations at Yale Hospital, in New Haven Connecticut. Her Doctoral Thesis, approved by Yale Professor Mark Mattie, MD was entitled, “Genetic Alterations Due to Environmental Toxicities,” and she has since been diligently working since to empower others to get the most out of their genes.

Today, she runs an IV Therapy clinic (The IV Element) in Whitefish, Montana, that utilizes botanical medicine, advanced testing, and nutrition so each person can live in their God given passion and purpose so each person can BE in his/her Element.


Check out the website at www.theivelementprojecct.com or on IG at @theivelement.project. 



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