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Episode 258

Featuring Aaron Taylor

Finding Peace, Purpose, Identity & Deep Fulfillment in a Crazy World

This was one of my favorite interviews and conversations of All-Time on the IMPACT SHOW. Aaron Taylor, College Football Hall of Famer, NFL Super Bowl Champion, and current CBS college football analyst,  goes deep and talks about all things LIFE. And I’m talking DEEP. If this episode doesn’t get your mind right and remind you of WHO you are and WHY you were made, then check your pulse…or just listen to the episode over and over!

In today’s IMPACT Show, Aaron and I go deep on overcoming an identity crisis, finding purpose and fulfillment, creating transformation in your life, and what Aaron’s doing to shine a spotlight on brain and mental health. Our topics include:

  • Why Aaron almost quit high-school football (he played for an iconic program) and how his Mom and coach eventually saved him from quitting.
  • How his drinking habits in college (Notre Dame) & pro football (Packers) derailed him and how he overcame that addiction.
  • How a career-ending injury in the NFL and transition in life led him down a deep winding journey to find a deeper purpose in life and now IMPACT a lot of people.
  • Aaron’s 5 Pillars of Fulfillment in Life. This is DEEP!
  • Going from a “V.I.P.” to a “P.I.P.”
  • The importance of brain and mental health and how he deals with it today.
  • The importance of male role models for kids today.
  • The journey to finding purpose and significance in life and how to best do that.

You’re going to laugh in this episode, you may even shed a few tears. You are definitely going to think deeply, be introspective, and have your SOUL tugged a few times while listening to this episode. It is without a doubt one of my favorites of ALL-TIME.  After you listen to it, you will understand why. You’re going to want to listen to this man’s soulful message over and over again. He truly moved me and he will move and inspire you as well. You’re probably going to want to listen to this episode 2-3 times and definitely save it to come back to when you need it most.

Lastly, if there is ever an episode to SHARE with your friends, family, colleagues, and community, THIS one is it. It is definitely going to create some IMPACT and “speak” to a lot of people.  Please share this episode on Facebook, IG or text the link to a friend, family member, or colleague who would benefit from hearing it.

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Connect with Aaron Taylor:
IG: @AaronTaylorCFB
Website: www.MentalHealthBestPractices.com


“You can’t catch the bus in your living room!” ~ Aaron Taylor

“None of us have any idea of what we are capable of doing until we get to that moment.” ~ Aaron Taylor

“The gold in our lives lies just beyond where we are afraid or unwilling to go and the way that we mine that gold is with courage..”  ~ Aaron Taylor

“We are all one thought, or one word, or one decision away from the untold riches of life’s possibilities.”  ~ Aaron Taylor

“There are no days off for our demons.” ~ Aaron Taylor



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