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Episode 145

Fork in the Road Moments

Big decisions. It seems like many people are making “big” decisions these days. I call these decisions “Fork in the Road Moments.” They require you to do some soul-searching in order to make a decision that is congruent with your divine purpose and true essence. While “Fork in the Road” decisions are often scary, they can also serve as major catapults to manifesting your ultimate destiny as well.

On today’s episode, instead of just talking about “Fork in the Road Moments,” I will share an exercise and visualization that I use when making big decisions in my life. It’s a visualization that will allow you to tap into your head, heart, and hara to ultimately allow you to make a decision that will put you on a trajectory to maximize your potential and lead to your utmost fulfillment.

Grab a pen and paper and join me in this powerful 5 step exercise to gain clarity on what is right for you when you are at the “Fork in the Road”:

#1. Visualize your “Fork in the Road”…

#2. Feel the emotion of the “right” way and “wrong” way

#3. How did you feel going down each way? Write it down

#4. Gut Check Time. What is your head saying, heart, saying, and hara saying?

#5. Jump! Regardless of which way you go, you gotta be ALL-IN.

Get after it, my friends. As the great Yogi Berra says, “If there is a fork in the road, TAKE it.” I hope this episode lights a spark under your backside and allows you to make a decision on your “forks.”

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More on the episode:

:44 – Words of wisdom for the holidays.

Slow Down. Simplify. Do Less. Workout. Breathe.

3:16 – If you are facing a fork in the road moment, how to make the decision that is right for you?

When You Come to the Fork in the Road, Take It! Yogi Berra

4:11 – #1.Visualize the fork in the road. What big decisions are you facing?

5:17 – #2. Feel the emotion of the “right” way and the “wrong” way.

9:15 – #3. How did you feel going down the “right” way and “wrong” way? Write it down.

10:09 – #4. Gut check time!

What is your head saying? What is your heart saying? What is your hara saying?

11:52 – #5. BE ALL-IN!



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