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Episode 221

Featuring Nick Hundley

Former MLB Catcher Now Serving an Even Bigger Mission

This episode is going to blow you away. For many years, I trained standout MLB catcher Nick Hundley to be the best athlete he could be. And while he played professional baseball at a very high level for 11 years, what he’s doing now is even way bigger and more IMPACTFUL.

As a matter of fact, Nick’s role with the International Justice Mission (IJM) is to help protect again human trafficking and violence against women and children. He works on literally saving and rescuing young girls, women, and people enslaved to horrific crimes that happen in communities you would never imagine.

Specifically, this is what we cover in today’s episode:

– Nick’s story, how he got into MLB, and how he played for so long.

– Reminiscing about his “training days” with his workout group and his favorite parts of those days.

– Working alongside former pitcher, and now GM of the Texas Rangers, Chris Young.

– What is “IJM”– seeking to protect people in poverty from violence, abuse, and human trafficking.

– How bad is human trafficking?

– Nick shares stories on the rescue of these girls and the goal to prosecute the people who are committing these horrific crimes.

– The tremendous success stories of many of these girls.

– Advice to anyone facing adversity in their life.

My mind was blown in this episode and I thank the IJM and all those who are fighting for the good of mankind, including Nick Hundley. You’re going to enjoy this convo and marvel at what an amazing organization the IJM is and the IMPACT they are creating.

Please be sure to share today’s episode. It will help the IJM fulfill its mission to rescue millions, protect half a billion, and make justice unstoppable. Thank you!

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www.IJM.org – International Justice Mission

5:11 – Welcome Nick Hundley, former Major League Baseball player.

7:50 – How Nick got into Professional Baseball.

Drafted to San Diego Padres in the second round and went on to play for Baltimore, Colorado, San Francisco, and then Oakland.

11:15 – Nick shares some of the greatest moments in his 11-year MLB career.

Getting called up for the first time. Making the playoffs. 2013 first daughter was born and then hit a home run later that day. Homerun was in San Francisco on both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day with his parents in the stand.

14:04 – Working with Chris Young in the Major League front office.

We wanted to make the game better and grow…and then COVID shut us down.

18:00 – Moving on to a new opportunity.

IJM – International Justice Mission, seeking to protect people in poverty from violence.

21:12 – Nick talks about how bad human trafficking is.

Learning the process of what these young girls are going through. As an athlete, I have a platform and it’s time to use it to make a difference!

24:52 – Nick’s full-time role with IJM – International Justice Mission.

2 homes now for girls rescued from human trafficking – Violence against women and children. We are going after the people that are doing this.

28:00 – It’s not a crime of passion…it’s a crime of opportunity and they have the ability to get away with it.

Our mission at IJM is to protect over 500 million in poverty!

29:49 – Nick shares a few success stories from some of the girls saved.

9 have graduated from college. One of the gals now runs one of the houses.

33:20 – What Nick would say to the girls.

Have the ability to persevere no matter what…keep going and grinding it out!

Love…Trust…Gratitude, How can you be grateful for the battle!

39:11 – How Nick uses lessons from baseball with his role at IJM.

It’s a daily grind and connecting with the community.

44:47 – What Nick misses most about baseball.

The outlet to entertain. Putting my skills to the test. Being around the guys..plane rides, meals, and being around like-minded people who grind it out

46:27 – What advice Nick would give to someone who is in transition.

Find time to mourn your dream and be honest with yourself. Mad…Sad…Glad… are passions in your life that have been given to you

51:50 – Final words from Nick.

About Nick Hundley: 

Nick is a former professional baseball catcher who played in Major League Baseball (MLB) for the San Diego Padres, Baltimore Orioles, Colorado Rockies, San Francisco Giants, and Oakland Athletics. He was drafted in 2005 by the Padres in the second round and made his major-league debut in 2008.



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