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Episode 151

Featuring Q&A with TD

Get Your Mind Right

Wakey wakey, rise and shine… today’s episode is guaranteed to get the blood boiling for all the fire-breathing dragons and MindRight Maniacs out there who have piped in some awesome questions over the last couple of weeks.

In this episode, I answer ten great questions relating to all aspects of business, leadership, and life, and this one’s guaranteed to get YOUR MIND RIGHT!

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More on the episode:

1:17 – @1tsdana asks TD – How do I sustain my GET YOUR MIND RIGHT every day?

3:58 – @Feisty_cheese asks TD – How to build muscle after losing 152 pounds

6:13 – @Rhoop31 asks TD – Besides Arm Farm, what’s your favorite Exercise?

10:49 – @Jacoband_ asks TD – How do I build up the stamina to not burn out?

13:22 – @Terrellc16 asks TD – How do you recommend taking the first step?  Whether it is public speaking or life?

16:07 – @_em_r_thompson_ asks TD – What was the hardest part of filming the TV show STRONG?

18:30 – @Youkenbefit2 asks TD –

21:49 – @Coach_Gonz asks TD

25:19 – @Saumerica asks TD – What’s your #1 tip for a beginner trainer?

26:37 – @James_Welton asks TD – If you were an aspiring entrepreneur in fitness, would you start a brick & mortar, online, semi-private, small-studio, 24/7 with other offerings, etc?

29:34 – @Jeremy.sukup asks TD – Does the stress of owning a gym take the fun out of training/working out?



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