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Episode 329

Featuring Melanie Durkin

Gratitude, Greatness, & Football | Ep. 329 with Special Guest Melanie Durkin

Happy Thanksgiving week!! So much gratitude this week and I’m pumped to share with you on many levels. I hope you do some smiling, laughing, and even some deep-thinking on today’s IMPACT SHOW. Here are the following points I discuss:

  • 8-things I’m most grateful for…
  • My wife Melanie is LIVE and in the house (well, for part of the SHOW anyway!).
  • Greatness and what I’m most excited for in the upcoming few weeks.
  • The “6-F’s” of Thanksgiving.
  • Football…two stories I am NOT interested in, 2-stories I AM interested in, and my favorite Thanksgiving Day football memory.
  • My 3-favorite foods on Thanksgiving Day.
  • 3-Must Answer Questions to pack-on the Gratitude while also simultaneously getting ready for 2024.

Enjoy this fun, light-hearted edition of the Todd Durkin IMPACT SHOW.  As always, please share the episode on your social media and be sure to tag-me at:

IG & Twitter: @ToddDurkin

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The 2024 “Annual Strategic Plan” alone is a MUST-DO exercise packed with over 75 of my deepest, best, and MUST answer questions. If you truly want to amp-up your passion & purpose and reach a heightened state of focus and ultimately success, your GSD Planner 2024 WILL be the most important, beneficial, and financially-prudent investment you make ALL year. #Guaranteed

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