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Episode 355

Featuring jordan love

Green Bay Packers QB Jordan Love is in the IMPACT House! | Ep. 355

Oh Nelly do we have barn-burner today” as the legendary Hall-of-Fame coach & broadcaster Keith Jackson would say. Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love is on the IMPACT SHOW podcast this week and it is a classic. Jordan started training with Todd this past January 2024 and he has been grinding for 3+ months now as he prepares for a great upcoming season.


On today’s IMPACT SHOW, Todd talks about 3 main things with Jordan: Training, Football, and LIFE. Wait until you hear Jordan’s answers to Todd’s questions. Whether you are a Packer’s fan (or even just a football fan) or not, you will be a Jordan Love fan after this one.


Tune in NOW and hear Todd & Jordan discuss the following:

  • What have the last 3-months of training been like?

  • What has the best part of our training…and what has been the worst part? Haha.

  • How do you stay grounded these days?



  • What are some things you learned from sitting behind Aaron Rodgers for 3-years?

  • What is one thing people should know about being an NFL QB, if they’ve never been a quarterback, or even a football player?

  • When did you realize in college that you might be good enough to play in the NFL?



  • Talk about your off-season training this year… what are all the things you do in addition to your strength & conditioning?

  • What do you do from a nutritional standpoint to stay in great shape?

  • How much time do you spend doing “recovery” versus training in-season and off-season?

  • How does sleep fit into the equation?

  • What are some tips you can give to kids and young athletes today who want to be a great athlete or successful in life?



  • When someone watches you this football season, what do you want them to know about Jordan Love?

  • Share about your father and how your Dad’s death when you were just 14-years old, affected you as a boy and even now as a man.

  • How do you think his death will impact you as a father and husband someday?

  • What would your Dad say to you now if he was still living?

  • Who was your hero growing up?

  • You are working on creating the “Love Foundation” [501-c-3] to be able to give back to people in need, mental health, and suicide prevention. Please share with where you are at with that and how are wonderful community can help with that.

  • IMPACT. Legacy. What does Jordan Love look when he’s my age.  Double your age and add 3-years. Haha.

  • Is there anything I’m NOT asking you that is important other people know about you?


My friends, this episode will go down as a classic. Whatever football team you root for this Fall, I hope you root for our very own Jordan Love. He is a great role model, a humble being with a kind heart, and he’s one heckuva hard-worker and fine young man. And the last time a Packers QB was in here doing what he just did, the Packers won a Super Bowl (2011). So keep your eyes peeled and your ears in-tune for what Jordan Love is about to do this coming season…the Packers are well positioned for continued success. And regardless of outcome, this man is going to IMPACT A LOT of people in his lifetime. #StayTuned


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