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Episode 309

HALFTIME—Coaching You to WIN the 2nd Half of 2023!

It’s the half-way point of 2023 and making adjustments, course-corrections, and revising some of your goals for the rest of your year are crucial to help you WIN the rest of 2023. Today, I want to coach you and ask you some important questions that can help frame-up a strong 2nd half of your year. This is a no frills episode that just delivers the “goods” to help you focus your time, energy, and money on what’s MOST important right now and for the next 6-months.

Specifically, here is how I will coach and guide you on today’s episode:

  • 5 MUST-ANSWER questions to help you WIN the rest of the year.
  • The importance of reflecting and reviewing the first-half of 2023.
  • How to assess which changes are necessary to make.
  • Setting your “Big 5” Goals for the next 6 months and how to make sure they are accomplished.
  • Your “BHAG” and why it’s important to have one.
  • What you need to do to WIN the rest of 2023.
  • A “locker-room fiery” talk to come out STRONG here in July!

In addition to coaching you, I share some of my answers to the questions I pose to help you see how I go through the thought process of answering the same questions as well.

Enjoy the episode. If you do, please share it with your teammates and loved-ones so they can go through the same process as you and win the rest of 2023 also. Additionally, please help us create IMPACT by sharing it on your Social Media and tagging me at:


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