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Episode 185

Featuring Jeremy Woodward

Heart Failure to Victory

Could you imagine having 2 heart surgeries while just in your 20s? Today you will be dazzled hearing the story of Jeremy Woodward from “Heart Failure to Victory.” You often hear me talk about “Living a Life Worth Telling a Story About,” well, today you will draw strength, energy, inspiration, and life while listening to Jeremy’s story.

Jeremy is the author of the new book “Heart Failure to Victory,” an inspiring story of persevering through severe congestive heart failure and two major open-heart surgeries while just in his 20s, the second with less than a 1% chance of survival. When reading his book, I laughed, smiled, and cried reading his amazing story and mission to become an IMPACT maker.

Today, Jeremy talks about:

– Having two major heart surgeries at the age of 22 and 29.

– The mindset of a heart failure survivor.

– The promise he made to himself the night before his second surgery.

– His darkest days and how martial arts helped him through them.

– His greatest victory thus far in his life.

– The impact Jeremy is creating in his community.

Please be sure to share this incredible story and spread Jeremy’s words of inspiration and strength. Enjoy today’s Show, please snap a picture of the cover, and share it on your social media. Please be sure to tag Jeremy and me.

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3:00 – Jeremy Shares His Story…WOW!

7:25 – The Mindset of a Heart Failure Survivor

16:45 – The Promise Jeremy Made to Himself the Night Before Surgery

19:26 – Journey into the Fitness World

21:29 – Martial Arts Gave Him Warrior Mentality

26:58 – How Martial Arts Can Help Anyone Going Through a Difficult Time

29:10 – His Greatest Victory in Life!

30:37 – What It Takes to Move Forward with a Prognosis

32:23 – The Greatest Lessons From Having Two Heart Surgeries

33:27 – Jeremy’s Impact on the Community

36:00 – Thank you Jeremy for what you do!

40:51 – The Challenge to Todd from Jeremy.

Find Jeremy’s book on Amazon

About Jeremy Woodward:

Jeremy is a Personal Trainer, USA Triathlon Level 1 Triathlon Coach, UESCA Triathlon Coach, UESCA Running Coach, USA Cycling Level 3 Coach, USA Swimming Coach as well as a GEAR Indoor Cycling Instructor.  Jeremy holds a 5th Degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate and has earned a Black Sash in Kung-Fu. Since his surgeries, Jeremy has gone on to win several awards and recognitions. His 2010 fundraising efforts won him the NH Conservation Hero Award and a Commendation from the Governor of NH, John Lynch; his ability to overcome heart failure and succeed as an athlete won him the Medtronic Global Hero Award (one of 25 in the world). Jeremy was a 2016 and 2017 Quarterfinalist in the Men’s Health Magazine Ultimate Guy Cover Contest.  In 2012 Jeremy was named one of the Union Leaders 40 under 40, a program that recognizes emerging leaders with a record of professional and volunteer accomplishment in New Hampshire. Jeremy was also selected as the 2014 Concord Young Professional of the Year at the Chamber Pinnacle Awards. Jeremy has been featured on many media networks that include CNN, NBC, and Sports Illustrated (SI.COM), and was one of three finalists for the 2015 NH Rising Star Young Professional of the Year.

Follow Jeremy – IG @ironheartjeremy



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