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Episode 294

Featuring Brandt Truver

Honor the Battle…Hero Series Wrap up with TD

Big week. Not only is it my birthday week and IHRSA Show in San Diego, but I’m also wrapping up my “Hero Series” this week as well. Can all my heroes stand up and make some noise, please?! It has been an absolute blast sharing and talking to some extraordinary souls over the past few weeks on the podcast. Their stories have epitomized grit, perseverance, resilience, the “never give up” attitude, servant leadership, love, and a whole lot of IMPACT. And hopefully, they have inspired you as well!

Today, I’m doing 3 things:

1. Sharing why I’m so grateful this week.

2. I’m going to share my TOP TAKEAWAYS from each of the last 4-episodes and give you my insight, thoughts, and mindset on them.

3. Lastly, I’m then going to share one more everyday hero with you. Yes, I have Captain Brandt Truver at the end of the SHOW to give you an “and then some” episode. Captain Truver is a firefighter who is serving not only the San Diego community but behind a great movement called “Be a Hero to a Hero.” I LOVE THIS!

Specifically, here are some of the things I go deep into on today’s IMPACT Show:

  • Ep. 290. Heroes and what the acronym “H.E.R.O.” stands for?
  • Ep. 291. Jack LaLanne and his famous quote… “I don’t do it for the money. I do it to help more people help themselves.”
  • Ep. 292. Jordan Reyes and the SOUL of an Everyday Hero. How to shift from the “victim mentality” to the “victor mentality” and how to best anchor yourself in gratitude, purpose, and ACTION.
  • Ep. 293. Tyler Anstey and the Battle for Mental Health by a Heroic Cop. Todd discusses the vulnerability, authenticity, and “real” fight that Tyler demonstrates on the show and the plea for ALL of us to get behind the crusade to fight mental health and help with suicide prevention by sharing and asking for help when help is needed.
  • Ep. 294. After I break down those previous episodes, you will hear from Captain Brandt Truver as he shares his hero, his mission, the best and worst parts of his job, and how YOU can be a Hero to a Hero as well. Ways you can contribute to being “Hero to a Hero.”
  • Be sure to stick around until the very end of the podcast for a VERY SPECIAL message at the end from someone EXTREMELY special!

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Hero to a Hero Website:  www.firefighteraid.org

Tunnels To Towers Website:  www.t2t.org

About Brandt Truver:

Over 10 years serving as an active-duty firefighter with the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department, with eight years of experience on the Board of Directors for the San Diego Fire Relief Association & FirefighterAid nonprofit organizations. Brandt spent five years as a Director, two years as secretary/treasurer, and most recently held the title of President.

Recently Brandt completed the University of San Diego’s Nonprofit Management Certificate Program with the goal to improve his organization’s processes and procedures in the hopes to leave it better than he found it.

He is currently completing his undergraduate studies at Southern New Hampshire University with an expected graduation date of December 2022.




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