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Episode 259

“In The Hot Seat” with Todd Durkin

What is your superpower? How have you built and successfully maintained your businesses over 15+ years? Hindsight being 20/20, what is the one risk or decision that you regret not taking? These are the types of questions that Frank Pucher, Director of the Todd Durkin Mastermind, asked me during this episode of the IMPACT Show when he took over the role of host and put me in the “hot seat.” Honestly, I didn’t think it would go as deep as it did, but it did. A lot of what we discussed got personal and really made me think and share about what’s most important in life these days. We talked about faith, family, fitness, fulfillment (my favorite topics), and what is ahead for me personally & professionally in the next 3-5 years, along with:

  • The importance to be in a room with passionate, inspiring, and people who are determined and committed to living their best life.
  •  How and why I started the Todd Durkin Mastermind group.
  •  Actions I routinely practice in the areas of family, finance, and love.
  • The root of my energy and enthusiasm and why that’s important to me.
  • Where my positivity comes from and why I hang on to it for dear life, despite having to battle to “get my mind right” regularly.
  • My vision for the future of “Todd Durkin” personally and professionally.
  • And Then Some…

I hope you enjoy this episode. It’s always a bit uncomfortable being in the hot seat. You’re going to laugh at the icebreaker questions Frank surprises me with and hopefully be moved by my openness as I share some things about myself that I normally keep private. Frank is a supportive, caring friend and colleague. And I hope it challenges you to look inside yourself, tap into your spirit, get inspired, and step into your best self.

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“What you resist, tends to persist.” – Frank Pucher

“The more I try to slow down coaching, the more I just love coaching!” – Todd Durkin

“You have to find contentment in the journey of finding that uncomfortable.” – Todd Durkin

“If you don’t enjoy the journey, you ain’t gonna be happy at the finish line..” – Frank Pucher



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