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Episode 158

Featuring Jill Rooks

Instrument of Peace

You have heard me say “Live a Life Worth Telling a Story About” a thousand times. My special guest today, Jill Rooks, lives a life that spreads kindness, wisdom, and light in a world that so desperately needs it today. I met Jill way back in 2006 at an IDEA conference in Anaheim, CA, and instantly noticed her energy and spirit. She has been part of my Mastermind program since 2014, and she is a “Soul Optimist!”

In today’s episode, Jill shares:

Her weight-loss journey – from addicted to late-night Ben and Jerry’s to Spin Instructor Her story from garage trainer to a 3,000 sf facility in Redlands, CA The story behind The Energy Lab, her health and wellness facility What she is most excited about in life How she gets her Mind Right these days Her 3 Guiding principles

My friends, this episode is full of great heart and soul, and you will see that Jill Rooks is a Beacon of Light and creating massive IMPACT in her community and the world.

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:43 – Meet Jill Rooks, the Soul Optimist

2:50 – The Energy Lab

4:05 – From Jersey to California

7:58 – Her 60lb Weight Loss Journey

11:15  – Garage trainer to the Energy Lab

17:13 – Joy, Excitement, Movies, Mindset, and Something Noone Knows

29:30 – Three Guiding Principles

39:08 – Gym Shoes, Anatomical Change, The Peacock & the Rainbow

44:45 – Why Color?

47:22  – Why has the Energy Lab flourished during COVID-19?

53:11 – IMPACT with Jill and final words

About Jill Rooks:

Jill Ruth Rooks: A New Jersey native, and one of four kids, Jill’s family moved to CA as she entered high school, where her competitive swimming and water polo passion began. She attended UCSB and completed a degree in Communication Studies. Interested in fitness from an early age, having attended Nautilus Gyms of the ’70s and ’80s with her mom, Jill has since listened to her calling to create a place where people could experience fitness and understand health in an accepting and positive culture. The Energy Lab, a core fitness playground and training studio, is the result of her passion.

Jill’s two kids have grown through her evolution in fitness. She began teaching while pregnant with her son. Having taught at several big gyms and then taking on Group Exercise Coordinator’s role, her two kids got to know the kids’ clubs well.

She can be contacted on IG at @jillruthrooks or website at https://energylabfitness.com/



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