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Episode 216

Featuring Robert Yang

Intermittent Fasting, Fasted Cardio, Sports Nutrition, Supplementation, and MUST-DO Nutrition Hacks

Making his return on the IMPACT SHOW today is a world-renowned nutrition expert and good friend, Robert Yang. This episode is EPIC…I reached out to my podcast and Instagram listeners and asked for your top nutrition questions to ask Robert. We had over 50 questions come through on supplementation, sports nutrition, weight loss & weight gain, intermittent fasting, fasted cardio, top hacks for peak performance, and everything in between. This is a rapid-fire nutrition course in just one episode.

Specifically, this is what Robert and I cover in today’s episode:

– Gut Health & What to do about it

– Intermittent Fasting and Fasted Cardio

– Tips for longevity, happiness, and success with nutrition

– Nutrition tips for post-cancer

– Sports nutrition for the youth athlete

– Supplements – MCT Oil, Collagen Protein, and Magnesium

– Nutrition tips for when things get in the way of healthy habits

– Thoughts on Dairy

– Weight loss and weight gain

– Top Nutrition Hacks for Peak Performance & Energy

Without further ado, let’s go to the episode. Please share today’s episode with your family, friends, and colleagues. And be sure to share it on your social media!

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3:57 – What’s new in the world of Robert Yang?

Working on a Gut program…Why is Gut health important

10:02 – Questions about Fasting

sam_bidmer asks: Is Intermittent fasting healthy? What is the best way to do it?

Rhoop31 asks: A lot of discussions has been made about fasted cardio or training for the enthusiasts for fat loss. Is there a science to it?

Colby.schreckengost asks: It seems intermittent fasting and cell repair are all the rage now. Do you believe that fasting is the best way to heal your body from chronic inflammation? I’m a chronic Lyme disease patient. I have a flare-up typically when the seasons change, but this summer has been tough due to the heat and humidity on the east coast.

25:12 – Questions about diets.

emeraldrealtync asks: Thoughts on dairy? What do you think of the “starch diet”? What’s one of your best tips for longevity, happiness, and success when it comes to nutrition?

31:26 – Fiber… how much do we really need?

Kellys_bootcamp asks: Suggestions for real food fiber. It can be a challenge to get 25 to 35 grams a day, especially for those who are less carb tolerant.

32:49 – Nutrition and Cancer

eringlynn8 asks: What are your thoughts on nutrition post-cancer? I did keto for 2 years with great success, but my cholesterol went up so high my Dr. was overly concerned. (I did a calcium score and tested 0). The premise was to starve the cancer cells from sugar – make them ‘sick’ and improve the effects of the treatments.  Being on an estrogen blocker seems to really be affecting my weight loss efforts. Resource: Dom D’agostino – “Fasting and Ketosis.”

35:30 – Nutrition for when life gets busy.

gwms12 asks: What are some solid habits/nutrition tips to embrace when life gets in the way and to help keep you from throwing hard work away?  A big struggle is that I know what to do but it’s when life throws you curveballs and I just go back to the “easy” which is not always the most health-conscious decision.

38:15 – Nutrition for when you get older.

mamarusher365 asks: When’s the best time of the day to eat fruits?  So many natural sugars, that it seems a bowl of any combo wouldn’t be so bad to have.



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