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Episode 350

Lessons Learned & Wisdom Earned; 21-Nuggets on my 53rd Birthday [from 35,000 Feet] | Ep. 350

t’s my birthday week. And I’m feeling rather nostalgic as I’m recording this up at 35,000 feet reflecting on life, 53-years of living, and the many lessons learned and the wisdom earned. So many things are running through my head but pure gratitude is overtaking my heart. So I decided to open up my recorder on the flight (IMPACT Airlines Flight 1010) and record you a special “Birthday Edition” podcast episode.  Buckle-up, recline your seat, sit-back, and relax as you listen in…OR get on your workout gear, put your grey hoodie on, drink some “monkey juice” and get ready for some HEAT today…either way, you are in for a real treat.


I’m excited to share and discuss “21” nuggets plus some “And Then Some” on today’s Ep. 350 of the IMPACT SHOW. Here they are..

  1. If you don’t celebrate the wins, the wins stop happening.

  2. You can only GO, as far as you GROW!

  3. Your LIGHT can only shine out in the world as far as how bright your LIGHT shines at HOME.

  4. God’s timing is perfect…but it never feels like it.

  5. Things always appear worse than they really are.

  6. The people in your life are more precious than Gold.

  7. Be fully present in the Here & Now.

  8. The best way to get your SOUL to SING is to Serve.

  9. Get some “CONTAGIASM.” Contagious Enthusiasm. Attitude and moods are contagious.

  10. Put your oxygen mask on first.

  11. TIME is all that matters…appreciate LIFE.

  12. It takes RISK going to the next level. What risks are you willing to take to get you to where you want to go or in-order for you to step into your divine purpose?

  13. Spend time beating FEAR.

  14. If you’re broken, that’s how the LIGHT gets in.

  15. Health is wealth…Energy is everything.

  16. Writing is carthatic.

  17. The hardest exercise you will ever do is SILENCE. The heaviest weight at the gym is the front door.

  18. The power of a team. “The bigger your dream…the more important your team.”

  19. DREAMS empower you and give you LIFE. But you MUST reverse-engineer your dreams into strategic action steps.

  20. Ultimately, you must TAKE ACTION…NOW!!!

  21. Life a Life Worth Telling a Story About…What’s Your Story?! Shine Your Light. #BeALighthouse


AND THEN SOME. Todd provides 5+ more gems to consider for your “And Then Some.” Ultimately, his call to action is for YOU to share 2 things with him on your social media (ie. IG stories)…

#1. Which point MOST resonates with you out of the 21-nuggets?

 #2. What is your “And Then Some” life-wisdom gem” that you could offer up to ignite even more motivation, inspiration, and IMPACT into the world. And then LIGHT IT UP!


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