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Episode 224

Love, Leadership, & Legacy with Melanie & Todd Durkin

It’s always a special episode when I get to bring my wife Melanie onto the Show. Today, we are talking a ton of things on parenting, leadership, love, marriage, legacy, and IMPACT.

This includes:

– Hardest parts and most rewarding parts of being a parent in today’s times.

– How & why the last 2-years brought us closer together as a couple and family.

– Cornerstones to a strong relationship & marriage.

– The IMPACT Foundation and why the initiatives serve a bigger purpose.

– How energy and being a “light force” can help lead, serve, and inspire others.

– How Melanie would define herself.

– How Todd would define himself.

– Top Lessons learned in running a non-profit and some top stories on how the IMPACT Foundation has played a significant role in making a dent in the universe.

– And then some!

This is a fun, yet deep, interview by Julie Wilcox asking both Todd & Melanie an array of questions on all things business, parenting, marriage, their foundation, and LIFE. Please listen in and then share it with your family, friends, colleagues, and co-workers.

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