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Episode 154

Lunch-Ticket Kid to IMPACT Man– An Interview with Todd Durkin

Live a life worth telling a story about…what’s your story. I believe each & every one of us has a special story inside of us. Today, I’m actually sharing my story with you from an interview I did with Cody Smith, from his podcast, Men on the Rise. We recorded this podcast just two days before my knee replacement, and I go deep on my purpose and share my story from being the lunch ticket kid to where I am today.

Specifically, I share:

– The winding road of healing that led me to health and fitness

– Live with purpose and tap into the whispers.

– Now is the time to Dream Big and deepen my purpose

– Thoughts before surgery

– My willingness to serve people

– A Day in the Life of…

– When Life Works List – WLWL

– How to reverse engineer your life

– What would you say to the person who wants to be like you?

This episode is guaranteed to Get Your Mind Right and I would love it if you could share it with your friends and family.

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More on the episode:

2:59 -The winding road of healing that led Todd to Health and Fitness.

5:57 – How many people have told you NO?

9:25 – Todd goes deeper on purpose during COVID-19.

12:40  – Todd shares his thoughts two days before his knee replacement surgery.

18:29 – The willingness to always serve others, where did that come from?

21:58 – Body, Mind, and Spirit, was it always a component to your training philosophy?

27:00 – A day in the life of Todd Durkin.

34:00 – W.L.W.L. – When Life Works List

37:00 – Todd shares his peak productivity systems.

42:55  – What would you say to the person who wants to be Todd?

46:28 – Todd shares his tombstone statement.

51:44 – TD’s Close.



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