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Episode 206

Meet Brett Klika, One of my First Hires at FQ10 now Creating Great IMPACT

Back in May 2000, just 5 months after opening my first performance studio called Fitness Quest 10, I hired a young strength & conditioning coach named Brett Klika. Brett and I met at the Olympic Training facility in Chula Vista, CA, while I was working with the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team. He became my sidekick in the trenches changing lives for close to two decades and I’m so proud of all he has accomplished since the start.

Today we have some fun reminiscing about the old days and talking about how Brett is now creating massive IMPACT living in alignment with his true purpose. This includes sharing his knowledge and practical experience with his “Power of Play” message to fitness educators, coaches, and corporate executives around the world.

In today’s episode, we talk about:

– Fondest memories working together at Fitness Quest 10

– Funniest moments working together, including how Brett once stole my car

– Great things Brett is doing to create IMPACT

– Best advice Todd gave Brett on growth

– Brett shares his lessons learned from being a trainer/coach for over 21 years and lessons learned working with Corporate teams

– Brett’s best practices for energy management

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3:45 – Brett takes us back to the early days and how he ended up at Fitness Quest 10.

7:04 – The vision of opening a performance studio.

11:45 – The Power of a Team!

13:00 – The evolution of Brett’s growth.

19:18 – Todd and Brett share their most memorable memories at Fitness Quest 10.

25:01 – Brett talks about his current projects.

31:00 – Brett’s position is now in the marketplace.

34:30 – 1 Lesson learned working with corporate teams.

40:30 – Top lessons learned in 21 years of fitness.

51:56 – Brett shares mistakes in the early stages of being a fitness trainer/coach.

59:20 – Brett’s best practices for energy management.

1:04:52 – Todd shares The 4 C’s to Success.

1:07:10 – Final words from Brett.

More About Brett Klika:

Brett Klika CSCS is an IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year, motivational speaker, author, high-performance consultant, and Co-Founder of SPIDERfit Kids, a global innovator in youth fitness education.  With over 20 years of experience creating resources, speaking, and consulting, for various industry and consumer fitness organizations, Brett continues to bring his knowledge and practical experience with the “power of play” to fitness educators, coaches, and corporate executives around the world.

In addition to his international efforts with SPIDERfit Kids, Brett continues to consult with executives and Fortune 500 companies such as Johnson and Johnson, Deloitte, Marriott, and others on how to integrate health into corporate culture.

In 2013, Brett was recognized by IDEA as “Personal Trainer of the Year” and his  Amazon best-selling book, 7 Minutes to Fit (Chronicle Publishing) has been translated into 3 languages and is sold around the world.

Follow Brett:

IG – @bklika

FB – @spiderfitkids

Info on SPIDERfit Kids – https://spiderfitkids.com/



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