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Episode 205

Meet David Weck–The Mind & Soul of the BOSU Inventor

Today you are meeting a true living legend and his name is Dave Weck. I’ve known Dave for over 20 years, and he is the founder and creator of the BOSU ball. He is a fitness Icon, and today he shares his soul and how he has been through hell and back with his struggles being bipolar, addictions to alcohol, and then marijuana. This is a deep one, and you will hear it from the mind of an amazing human being and a man who wants to change the world.

In today’s episode, we talk about:

How the BOSU Ball was invented Top business lessons learned creating the BOSU Ball Dave shares his creative mind  Dave’s struggles with being Bipolar, alcohol, and marijuana Lessons learned from being flawed Dave’s newest invention Mission to make every step stronger for as many people as possible

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3:18 – Meet Dave Weck. Founder and creator of the BOSU ball.

5:10 – Dave shares the early days of creating the BOSU ball. It was built by hand…6 hours per BOSU.

16:31 – Top lessons building the BOSU Ball. Never say-die attitude. Be extremely grateful for the success. Work your tail off Power of a team

21:40 – Dave shares his creative mind Enhance movement efficiency and performance.

31:40 – My #1 professor at Williams College – Dick Farley. 1 is 1 Concept

33:00  – Dave shares his struggles with bipolar and addictions to alcohol and marijuana. Catatonic depression, substances became my refuge. Failure was worse than injury or death to me.

41:41 – 51 and sober! Know I can share my gifts. Gratitude and service. Faith, hope, and love.

45:15 – How Dave deals with his bipolar now. Medication, I have a great doctor. Stay away from pot, which leads to catatonic depression. Dial in habits.

50:35 – What’s next for Dave Weck? My next invention and several new things in the works

1:01:10 – Living a life of gratitude, humility, and service! Mission to help make every step stronger for as many people as possible.

More About David Weck:

David Weck is the inventor of the BOSU® Balance Trainer and the founder of WeckMethod. David’s influence reaches millions of people across the globe. From world-class athletes to disabled individuals regaining the ability to walk, David has been helping people achieve better functional fitness for the past 29 years.  Among his many inventions, David is very excited to be launching ProPulse® Speed Trainers and SoleSteps – both of which serve David’s stated mission, making “Every Step Stronger” for everyone.


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