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Episode 285

Meet Monique Billings—a WNBA Star, Renaissance Woman, & Queen of Self-Care

I love great stories. And I love interviewing people who are doing extraordinary things to help humanity BE BETTER. Monique Billings is one of those people. Monique is currently balancing a thriving WNBA & international pro-basketball career while also being a sportscaster, social media influencer, global keynote speaker, and author. She is just an incredible woman who highly values faith, family, friends, and living life to the fullest. And she has one heckuva story!

Monique has overcome many obstacles in her climb to the top and has seen many succumb to life’s pressure along the way. On today’s IMPACT SHOW, we go all the way to Istanbul, Turkey (en route to Athens, Greece) to meet this amazing woman. Seriously. Here is what we discuss…

  • Her insights and perspective on how she balances keeping herself in peak shape for a pro basketball career while also doing so much entrepreneurially and philanthropically off the court as well.
  • What it’s like being a star player for the Atlanta Dream AND playing overseas at the same time.
  • Monique’s top lessons from her late father, who also served as her trainer, strength & conditioning coach, and main mentor. WOW o WOW on this one!
  • Why personal care is so important, regardless of occupation, and some tips on how to UP your personal care.
  • Monique’s best habits and personal routine to “do it all” and still live a balanced life that’s not defined by “just as an athlete.”
  • Advice Monique would tell her younger self and wisdom she would give young women/girls today.
  • What inspired Monique to write her book “Finding Balance…A Playbook for Wellness” and why she really wrote it.
  • What’s next for Monique Billings…

My friends, you will feel some SOUL in this conversation today. I know I left the conversation not only a big fan of the “Dream” and what Monique is doing as an athlete, but I also left the convo feeling empowered and inspired…and a huge Monique Billings “fan” as a whole person. Keep your eyes out for her, get her book, and watch what this woman does to make a BIG IMPACT in the years to come.

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To get Monique’s book “Finding Balance…A Playbook for Wellness,” please visit her website: www.mobillings.com


“You want to be as good as yesterday…but not as good as tomorrow. ” – Monique Billings’ Father



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