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Episode 347

Featuring Tom Dexter

Meet one of my Best Friends & Personal Life-Advisors | Ep. 347 with Tom Dexter

Meet Tom Dexter. We go back 35-years ago to my freshman year in college. We played college football together, we were both captains, we are both from NJ, and in some ways have had similar paths with children and family. Tom spent the first 30-years of his illustrious financial-services career as a wealth-advisor with some of the biggest firms and most prominent  families.


Now, in addition to his successful financial advisory career, he has blossomed into a full-blown COACH on many levels as well. As a former linebacker at William & Mary, he now coaches his son’s HS football team (Wilton, CT), is the program’s strength & conditioning coordinator, is a newly graduated TD IMPACT Life-Coach, and he’s the newly appointed leader of Cohort #2 of the Todd Durkin IMPACT-X Coaching Program for high-performers seeking more success & significance in all aspects of life and business.  You’re in for a real treat today as you listen to a man who knows me about as well as anyone in the universe, as you will be able to tell from the banter in today’s episode. 


Here is some of what Tom Dexter and I discuss on today’s IMPACT SHOW:

  • Tom & Todd’s background, including life at William & Mary and some of the shenanigans they used to get into.

  • What “Dex” learned from his top coaches, including his father, Coach Laycock, and Coach Semenza.

  • Tom’s top lessons from a 30-year career in finance and how that prepares him now to coach business leaders, doctors, lawyers, and other executives, and leaders.

  • Tom’s ethos in life and how it transcends to all aspects of life.

  • Tom’s “Top 7 Mantras” he lives by and how discipline, consistency, preparation, attitude, mindset and sacrifice are some of the same characteristics he shares with his clients, as well as those he coaches.

  • What were some of the top things he has received from being part of my IMPACT-X Coaching Program (Cohort #1) and how has his family, relationships, business, and life changed since joining the program one-year ago?

  • What is Tom most excited for about Cohort #2 of the IMPACT-X Coaching Program and why he is particularly excited to now coach in the program as well?

  • How does he definite “IMPACT” and what his legacy will be all about…

  • What is the #1 thing I will always remember about Tom Dexter!!


Tom Dexter has always been a “hidden-secret” to me as he’s been one of my top advisors and best-friends in my life for a long time. Now you have access to him as well. I am particularly proud and excited for our IMPACT Coaching program and we are fortunate to have Tom on board as an IMPACT Coach and the new Director of our IMPACT-X Coaching Program.


Listen in now and you will see and hear the wisdom, intellect, and emotional intelligence of Tom and why I’m pumped to have him part of our program. If you love today’s IMPACT SHOW, please share it on your social media and tag us at:

IG: @ToddDurkin @TomDexter2



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