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Episode 189

Meeting a Boyhood Hero… Former Washington Redskins QB Mark Rypien Talks Life, Loss, and Becoming Legendary

When I was a young boy, I loved the NY Giants. One of their main rivals was the Washington Redskins. When I eventually went to college in VA, most of the football fans were rabid Redskins fans. While I never converted to a ‘Skins fan, I did follow them closely and loved their rivalry with “my” team. Especially since legendary Redskins’ Coach Joe Gibbs’ son J.D. played with me at William & Mary.

The Redskins star QB in the ’90s was Mark Rypien. Mark became “famous” and a “hero” to the Redskins nation when he guided them to a win in Super Bowl 26 and earned MVP honors. Well, it has come full circle today as I have Mark Rypien “Live” at the TDE Headquarters & Fitness Quest 10 to record today’s podcast episode.

Here are some of the things Mark & I discuss:

– The difference between the NFL then versus the NFL today.

– The legendary Coach Joe Gibbs and what he learned from him.

– Strength and Conditioning in the ’80s & ‘90s vs. today.

– Some of Mark’s best teammates and some of his toughest foes.

– How does he feel about the name change from the Washington Redskins to The Washington Football Team.

– His son Andrew, who lost his battle to an inoperable brain tumor, and how that IMPACTS him today.

– What drives Mark today and where he finds happiness.

Thank you, Mark Rypien, for being a guest on the IMPACT Show!

Follow Mark at @rypienmark on IG, check out all the great things about his foundation – https://communitycancerfund.org., and do yourself a favor and watch the documentary Quite Explosions – https://quietexplosions.com/. You can listen to his own podcast called “MVP TALKS” anywhere podcasts are found.

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1:42 – Meet Mark Rypien, former Washington Redskins Quarterback.

3:04 – Let’s talk about legendary Head Coach Joe Gibbs. What made him so special?

5:02 – Strength and Conditioning back in the 80’s & 90’s vs. today.

9:48 – Mark shares some of the best teammates he played with on the Redskins and some of his toughest foes.

12:42 – Thoughts on the name change from Washington Redskins to The Washington Football Team?

14:40 – Mark shares his journey from loving Basketball & Baseball to playing Football.

25:33 – What is Mark doing now to create IMPACT?

33:03 – Mark’s mindset going through the illness & ultimate death of his young son.

45:06 – Marks shares his routine now and what he’s doing to be a difference-maker.

49:01- Close…Thank you Mark Rypien for sharing from your heart and soul!



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