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Episode 326

Momma Durkin, 90-years old & a Million Dollar Question | Ep. 325

Momma Durkin just turned 90-years young on Oct. 29th. WOW. That being said, she broke her hip last week and just had emergency surgery days ago. It made me think about a few things deeply that I wanted to share with you today. 


Here are a few of the things that I will discuss on the IMPACT SHOW podcast today:

  • Let’s celebrate “Momma Durkin” for her 90th birthday. YESSS!!!
  • I reflect on the 8-Traits about Mom that make her special by reading my devotion to her from the “WOW BOOK.”
  • The million-dollar question the doctor asked my Mom after breaking her hip…and what my Mom said!
  • 4-deep questions that will make you think about your life…and will help you “Live a Life Worth Telling a Story about…”
  • How is your life going to be defined when your time is all up and what are you going to do NOW to make sure that happens?
  • What is your LIFE going to be about?
  • What are 5 words that would characterize what an amazing man or woman you are?
  • What monumental thing are you going to do in the next year to make sure this is a defining year?
  • Momma Durkin breaks us down and closes out the IMPACT SHOW!


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