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Episode 200

My All-Time Personal Favorite Episodes out of 200 IMPACT SHOWS

Woah Nelly, I can’t believe we are celebrating 200 episodes today. WOW!!! As a matter of fact, I have asked my wife Melanie and right-hand teammate Julie Wilcox to be an instrumental part of today’s 200th episode gala and they’re a big part of today’s celebration.

In today’s 200th special episode, we share:

– My all-time favorite episodes amongst all 200 to record… and WHY.

– The “easiest” podcast I recorded and the most “frustrating” one as well.

– Melanie’s favorite episode.

– Julie’s favorite episode.

– Something Melanie shared about the podcast that I didn’t even know.

– How & why we started the IMPACT SHOW podcast and why we are committed to bringing you great guests & shows.

My friends, I say thank YOU. Thank YOU for listening and being part of the journey. It’s hard to believe that we have recorded 200 episodes in less than 2 years. My team and I are grateful for your ears listening in. Enjoy today’s Anniversary special party and please share it with a friend, family member, or co-worker.

Please tag me at:

IG/Twitter: @ToddDurkin

Facebook: @TodddurkinFQ10

#ToddDurkin #IMPACTShow200

2:35 – Todd shares one of the easiest podcasts he recorded and why.

4:02 – Todd shares the most frustrating episode he ever did and why.

6:00 – Melanie, Julie, and Todd share just how many episodes they have listened to.

10:00 – Melanie shares her 2 top episodes.

17:00 – Julie shares her 2 top episodes.

26:17 – Todd shares his top favorites in 2 categories, family and non-family.

44:00 – Shout-out to the team and Thank You to YOU for listening.



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